Mesotherapy Surgery India

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into the subcutaneous fat. Mesotherapy injections allegedly target adipose fat cells, apparently by inducing lipolysis, rupture and cell death among adipocytes.

Mesotherapy is a simple concept, whose objective is to deliver specific targeted medications closer to the area of pa-thology. It was first developed and described by Dr. Michel Pistor. The process is an allopathic method that utilizes intradermic as well as subcutaneous mini-doses of injectable medications.mesotherapy surger india

Mesolift is a mesotherapy treatment specifically designed for skin regeneration and revitalization. The treatment uses a super dose of vitamins and minerals to revitalize tired skin, replenish nutrients and it also helps repair sun damaged skin.

Mesolift therapy does not require surgery and “down-time”. Patients may return to their daily routine immediately. Treatment consists of a series of micro-injections with a pool of vitamins (A,E,C,D,B,K) which provide an anti-deficiency function; amino-acids that allow better protein construction; minerals that guarantee the ionic balance of the medium; coenzymes to activate the biochemical reaction and nucleic acids to stimulate synthesis of the derma and thereby restructure the entire tissue. Those elements all together can revitalize andtighten loose skin in the face and neck area.

mesotherapy surger indiaMesotherapy is a noninvasive procedure that involves injecting a variety of medications, vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant extracts, and other substances which are absorbed by the mesodermal, or middle layer. This is the layer of fat and connective tissue under the skin.
These formulas have been known to be helpful for spot weight reduction and cellulite reduction, stimulating the fat cells to shed fat. For the right candidate, mesotherapy can be considered as an alternative to tumescent liposuction, the safest form of liposuction.

Mesotherapy is supposed to work by breaking up the connective tissue fibers that trap fat cells and result in cellulite. It is supposed to improve circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage. Each treatment takes a few minutes and after the treatment, patients can return to normal activities. The treatments are repeated depending on how much cellulite the patient has. Men and women who have a healthy lifestyle but have stubborn areas of body fat or cellulite are the best candidates for mesotherapy.

mesotherapy surger india

Number of Mesotherapy treatments a patient needs

Initially a patient may need one treatment every 2 weeks for 1-2 months, then monthly for 3 months, then maintenance treatments every 3-6 months. On average most people need 6 initial treatments then maintenance treatments once or twice a year.

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Side effects

Mesotherapy treatment is considered safe, although a patient may get some mild bruising at the injection site, and this will fade after 12-36 hours. Rarely some patients have had an allergic reaction to the products used.

mesotherapy surger india

Mesotherapy Recovery

With mesotherapy, it is not uncommon for patients to lose in excess of six inches of body fat after about 10 treatments, which are best spaced a week apart and take less than an hour each. Though no recovery time is necessary after mesotherapy, minor side effects such as bruising and swelling may occur, and doctors prefer to wait a week between treatments in order to accurately gauge improvement.

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