Urethroplasty is the surgical repair of the urethra. Urethroplasty may be needed to repair strictures or if there is trauma to the urethra such as a pelvic fracture.

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Who is an ideal candidate for Urethroplasty ?

If a person has a urethral stricture due to any of the causes i.e. repeated episodes of urethritis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, scarring from a previous surgery, injury or trauma most commonly to the pelvic region or from pressure of a tumor, then he is an ideal candidate for Urethroplasty.

What does Urethroplasty procedure involve ?

Urethroplasty is performed under general anesthesia. Two Urethroplasty techniques are popularly used : –

  • Anastomotic Technique : – In this method of Urethroplasty, the narrowed part of the urethra is cut and the proximal and distal parts of the urethra are re-joined, a Foley’s catheter will be left in for the next 2 weeks to ensure complete healing and repair. This method of Urethroplasty is used for small urethral strictures i.e. less than 2 cm wide.
  • Tissue Transfer : – In this method of Urethroplasty, Skin and Tissue is grafted from a non-hair bearing part of the body like the buccal mucosa or bladder mucosa. Free grafts like Full Thickness Skin Grafts or Split Thickness Skin Grafts can be used for this purpose. Tissue Transfer Urethroplasty can be also be carried out in 2 stages if sufficient local tissue is not available for a Skin Flap Procedure and local tissue factors are not suitable for a free graft.
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After Surgery in india

  • Swe lling, bruising, and spotty bleeding from the penis is normal.
  • The stitches will dissolve in about two weeks.
  • You may go home with a catheter in your bladder.


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Activity Surgery in india

Keep your wound clean and dry. You may shower 2 days after surgery. Shower with your back to water as much as possible. Do not soak in a bathtub, hot tub, or swimming pool for the first two weeks.

  • Wait 4 weeks before having sex.
  • Nothing strenuous for 2 weeks or until okayed by your doctor.


When to Call the Doctor

  • Increased redness or tenderness after the first 24 hours.
  • Pus or blood from the wound. It is normal to have some bloody drainage and/or mucus from around the catheter.
  • Pain not controlled by pain pills.
  • Temperature greater than 100.5ºF by mouth for 2 readings taken 4 hours apart.
  • Problems with the catheter.
  • Trouble passing urine.


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