Surrogacy is a method of reproduction whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party. She may be the child’s genetic mother (the more traditional form of surrogacy), or she may, as a gestational carrier, carry the pregnancy to delivery after having been implanted with an embryo, the latter being an illegal medical procedure in some jurisdictions. Contact for more details on GAY SURROGACY India.

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Our gay surrogacy center is one of the largest providers of parenthood options to the worldwide gay community. We are well aware of the “run-around” aspects of many providers of similar services. Our center incorporates all aspects of the gay parenthood process into one centralized location: This tight integration of services allows those considering this parenthood option the ability to have all of their questions, needs and desires addressed by a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff dedicated to assuring that the complex route to gay parenthood is an anxiety free, joyful experience. Thanks to the experts at The Fertility Institutes, gay parenthood has become an achievable and affordable option for men interested in beginning or expanding a family.

Surrogacy or Adoption?

Surrogacy through in vitro fertilization (IVF) over adoption is a viable option for many gay couples seeking children. While through adoption, couples can extend their family by providing a home for a child in need, surrogacy allows at least one partner to have a biological connection to the child.

In traditional surrogacy the surrogate is pregnant with her own biological child, but this child was conceived with the intention of relinquishing the child to be raised by others such as the biological father and possibly his spouse or partner. The child may be conceived via sexual intercourse, home artificial insemination using fresh or frozen sperm or impregnated via IUI or ICI which is performed at a fertility clinic. Sperm from the male partner of the ‘commissioning couple’ may be used, or alternatively, sperm from a sperm donor can be used. Donor sperm will, for example, be used if the ‘commissioning couple’ are both female or where the child is commissioned by a single woman.

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Selection of a Fertility Center Treatment in india

While various arrangements are made by those seeking egg donors and surrogates at various centers, at We Care India, with experience with arrangements for gay parents, we have found the most efficient and least stress inducing arrangements are those in which we, at the Center assist you with ALL of the necessary details in arranging your treatment cycle. While nearly all competing centers utilize outside egg donor and surrogacy agencies, as well as outside psychologists and attorneys, at We Care India, we prefer to keep the majority of the process internal. While we certainly can work with those that have located their egg donor and or surrogate independently, we have found that by allowing our physicians to become involved in the screening process of egg donors and surrogates, you are assured a more thorough evaluation and screening than that routinely provided by outside sources. We are very selective in our choice of outside agencies, preferring to work with those that allow the screening process details to be ordered and specified by us.

The early selection of a Center to assist with your plans is crucial to allowing the process that will lead you to parenthood to proceed. As soon as you indicate to us your desire to proceed, we will request that one or two semen specimens be provided.

Suggestions of various infectious disease and tissue transplantation agencies and references to decrease substantially the possibility of the transmission of infectious agents to recipients (surrogates) or the pregnancy. Because all subsequent treatment arrangements will need to await completion of the quarantine, this is a vital first step in the process. At the time the specimens are obtained, you (the sperm donor) will be asked to undertake infectious disease blood testing that will include HIV (AIDS) testing, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, and HIV I and II testing. You, in most instances also be required to be tested for the cystic fibrosis carrier state, chlamydia, mycoplasma, CMV and perhaps other genetic screening tests depending upon your own personal history. All of this is done to assure the best and safest chances for a healthy pregnancy outcome.

Selection of an Egg Donor Treatment in india

At the time of you first visit with us, you will be given an opportunity to review the selection of egg donors available at that time. This is done so that you may get a feel for the high quality of the young women available. At this point, it is too early to make an actual selection of a donor, as the donors you will see will be actively available and many will have been selected by others before your quarantine period has finished. At the end of the six month sperm quarantine, some of these same donors may still be available, and many other new donors will also have become qualified for donation.

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