Thigh Lift Surgery | Thighplasty Cost and Procedure in India

Thigh Lift is a procedure which is performed to remove loose and excessive (hanging) skin around your thighs and buttocks (Buttock Lift), thus to tighten them and improve it’s appearance and texture. Sustained weight loss can lead to presence of excessive skin in the thigh and buttock area. Thigh Lift removes the dimpled appearance of the thigh that results from Cellulite.

What is a thigh lift ?

The thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to tighten the skin of the thigh and reduce sagging in the inner or outer thigh. This procedure on its own, or in combination with other procedures such as a body lift.

Who benefits most from a thigh lift ?

If your inner thighs are very big and have a lot of fatty tissue it might be best to do liposuction first to get rid of as much of the excess tissue as possible. After a few months we reevaluate the inner thigh to see if you will benefit from a thigh lift. In some cases, a thigh lift is recommended.

If the skin of the inner thigh sags or is droopy, a thigh lift is ideal as it will tighten up the skin and smoothen the contour of the inner thigh. Patients who have lost a lot of weight are also ideal candidates for an inner thigh lift, usually done in combination with other cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Thigh Lift In India

Thigh Lift Procedure in India

  • The procedure is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis unless otherwise advised by the surgeon.
  • A surgeon will show you what procedures are available to solve your particular problem. Wide variations in the design of the incisions to meet clothing or personal desires are possible.
  • Lifting the inner thighs requires only short incisions extending from the anterior part of the thigh/groin crease around to the buttock crease.
  • Lateral or anterior thigh lifts can be performed as separate procedures if desired.
  • Lifting the entire thigh and buttock (circumferential lower body lift) will require much longer incisions that start in the buttock crease, extend around the groin, up over the side of the abdomen, over the flank and across the back.
  • The buttocks can be lifted with upper or lower scars.

What To Expect After Surgery

Patients may spend their first night in an overnight care facility. Bruising and swelling are to be expected as well as a “tight” feeling in the thighs.

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Thigh Lift Surgery – After Effects

How painful a thigh lift is usually depends on the individual’s personal tolerance for pain and also on how drastic the operative procedure was. Thigh lifts that do not have the full circle incision from the front of the groin to the back of the buttocks usually only require prescription pain medication to relieve the discomfort. Individuals who have full thigh lifts may find themselves staying for one to two nights in a hospital on a full morphine drip and intravenous catheters.

The total healing time for most thigh lifts is usually four to six months and if all goes well bruising and swelling usually subsides within a month. Keep in mind that you may have to wait as long as three months before you can exercise, run or engage in any kind of strenuous activity.

It is important, before getting a thigh lift, to keep your expectations of the procedure realistic. If you were born to be a woman with the proverbial pear shaped body then it is doubtful that a thigh lift will make you that less pear shaped. However it can make the skin and muscle tone of your thighs appear much sleeker as well as taut and toned.