Spinal Laminectomy In India

Spinal Laminectomy Surgery, Cost Spinal Laminectomy Surgery Delhi India, Laminectomy Surgery India, Laminectomy Cost, Specialized Laminectomy Spine Hospitals India, Laminectomy, Spines, Backs, Cervical Decompression Lumbar LaminectomyLumbar laminectomy is a surgical procedure most often performed to treat leg pain related to herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and other related conditions. Stenosis occurs as people age and the ligaments of the spine thicken and harden, discs bulge, bones and joints enlarge, and bone spurs or osteophytes form. Spondylolisthesis (the slipping of one vertebra onto another) also can lead to compression.

The goal of a laminectomy is to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerve by widening the spinal canal. This is done by removing or trimming the lamina (roof) of the vertebrae to create more space for the nerves. A surgeon may perform a laminectomy with or without fusing vertebrae or removing part of a disc. Various devices (like screws or rods) may be used to enhance the ability to obtain a solid fusion and support unstable areas of the spine

Nerve Root Compression Is Caused By : –

    • Ruptured disc – Also called a protruded, slipped or herniated disc.


    • Spondylosis – Deterioration or “wear and tear” of multiple discs with bony spur formation and degenerative disc.


  • Scar tissue
  • Combination of the above factors

Lumbar laminectomy surgery is performed with the patient lying on the abdomen or side after being put “to sleep” with general anesthesia. The surgeon reaches the lumbar spine through an incision in the lower back. After the muscles of the back are spread apart using a retractor to expose the lamina, a portion of one or more vertebra are removed in order to reach the compressed nerve root(s). Once the point where the nerve is being compressed is located, the source of the pressure is removed.

That May Involve Either : –

  • Removing the ruptured portion of the disc
  • Removing the bony spurs and bony overgrowth
  • Removing the scar tissue.

The operation normally takes approximately 2 hours. The skin layer is closed with either steri-strips, sutures or skin clips that will be removed at a later date. A large dressing will be placed over the incision for protection.

Anatomy in India

What Parts Of The Spine Are Involved?

decompressive-laminectomy-surgery-1Surgeons perform lumbar laminectomy surgery through an incision in the low back. The surgery involves the pedicle and lamina bones. These bones attach to the back of the spinal column, forming a bony ring that encloses the spinal canal. Surgeons may remove bone spurs from the facet joints along the back of the spine during the laminectomy procedure, taking pressure off the spinal nerves.

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Preparations in India

How Will I Prepare For Surgery?

The decision to proceed with surgery must be made jointly by you and your surgeon. You should understand as much about the procedure as possible. If you have concerns or questions, talk to your surgeon.

Once you decide on surgery, your surgeon may suggest a complete physical examination by your regular doctor. This exam helps ensure that you are in the best possible condition to undergo the operation.

On the day of your surgery, you will probably be admitted to the hospital early in the morning. You shouldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight the night before.

Complications in India

What Might Go Wrong?

As with all major surgical procedures, complications can occur.

Some of the most common complications following lumbar laminectomy include : –

  • Problems with anesthesia
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Segmental instability
  • Ongoing pain

This is not intended to be a complete list of the possible complications.


Infection following spine surgery is rare but can be a very serious complication. Some infections may show up early, even before you leave the hospital. Infections on the skin’s surface usually go away with antibiotics. Deeper infections that spread into the bones and soft tissues of the spine are harder to treat. They may require additional surgery to treat the infected portion of the spine

List of other Spinal Laminectomy Surgery offered in india

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