IVF Treatment in India- To Defeat the Infertility


IVF Treatment in India provides the hope among the infertile couples who have been waiting from long time to have their own baby. IVF Treatment in India is a process in which the eggs of the women are mixed with her husband’s sperm in a laboratory for fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs the eggs will be transferred into your uterus in order to achieve the successful pregnancy. IVF Treatment in India is especially for the women with failed IVF cycle in past, women with blocked fallopian tubes etc.

India has the best test tube baby’s clinics which provide you the best IVF Treatment in India at affordable cost under one roof. IVF Treatment in India is a ray of hope for the couples who are suffering from severe infertility cause whether a male or a female. A study says that men and women both are equally i.e. 40% of both are responsible for the cause of infertility and remaining 20% of couples are infertile due to late marriages, diet changes, change in lifestyle etc.

IVF Treatment in India for infertile women

The following are the disorders of infertility in women which can be treated to gain the chance of pregnancy are as follows:

  • Blocked Tubes: The IVF Treatment in India provide to the women who have the blocked fallopian tubes by performing the tubal surgery.
  • Unexplained infertility: If your fertility expert will unable to find the reason that why you are not able to get pregnant then, in that case, they will give you the Clomiphene, Hormone injections, and Insemination.
  • Ovulating Problems: During an IVF Treatment in India your fertility expert will advise you to take the medicines like Metformin and Clomiphene. Metformin is the medicines given to women with polycystic ovary syndrome and Clomiphene is the medicine which is given to the infertile women to stimulate the ovaries to release the eggs.

IVF Treatment in India for infertile Male


Following are the IVF Treatment in India to treat male infertility:

  • Treating infections: Your fertility expert will give you the antibiotic treatment to cure your infection of the reproductive tract.
  • Medicines for Hormones: During an IVF Treatment in India your fertility expert will recommend the hormone replacement if in case the cause of infertility is high.
  • Surgery: Your fertility expert will advise you to go for the surgery to correct your varicoceles if in case there are no sperms are present in your ejaculate and they can be retrieved directly from the testicles or epididymis by using the technique sperm retrieval.

IVF Treatment Cost in India

The IVF Treatment Cost in India is reasonable and suits to the pocket of every individual as compared to the IVF cost in other developing countries.