Glaucoma Treatment in India – To Protect the Vision


What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a major disease of the optic nerve which caused when the pressure on the eye is increased. The optic nerve is the organ which receives light from the retina and transmits impulses to the brain that we recognize as vision. Glaucoma is a disease which silently damages the outer vision first and if it is not treated on time then it can lead to loss of central vision or complete blindness.

The symptoms of Glaucoma cannot be noticed in early stages and by the time when you meet your eye surgeon and they detect that you are suffering from Glaucoma which can no longer be restored. According to study, when people feel that something is missing in their eyes and they consult with the eye surgeons 80% of them have already lost their vision. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye which comes into your eyes very slowly and goes unnoticed in most of the cases.

Glaucoma can be prevented only if it is detected at the early stage or it can also be controlled by medicines or by Glaucoma Surgery India but only if it will be detected at its early stage.

How is Glaucoma diagnosed?

The glaucoma is diagnosed when you are facing the following conditions:

  • Double vision
  • Blurred Vision
  • Change in color of iris
  • Burning or itching in eyes due to dryness
  • Blinking or squinting of the eye
  • Loss of vision occurred suddenly in one eye
  • Facing difficulties in focusing on distant or near objects.

Why is Glaucoma treatment required?

The Glaucoma Treatment India is required to reduce the pressure inside the eye by opening blocked angles of drainage or by creating a new opening so that the fluid can flow through to leave the eye. In some of the cases, the surgery is required to relief the pain caused by glaucoma. However, most of the surgeons will usually recommend the medicines to get relief from glaucoma before they suggest surgery.

Glaucoma Surgery India

There are different types of surgery to increase the fluid drainage from the eye are as follows:

  • Laser Trabeculoplasty: This is the surgery in which the tissues are burned to create an opening which allows the fluid to drain properly from the eye.
  • Trabeculectomy: This surgery involves an incision where a piece of tissue is removed which allows fluid to drain from the eye.
  • Tube-shunt surgery: This surgery is done to place a tube in the eye which allows fluid to drain.

Success Stories

We have treated a patient in 2013 who was diagnosed with type 2- diabetes and also lost right sight of the eye our eye surgeons accordingly recommend him eye drops for about a year rather than surgery which actually helped him to reduce the pressure on the eye.People say that our site is providing them with good detailed information about the Glaucoma Treatment India. We don’t speak it’s our treatment which speaks.